Metalpar Argentina is today a subsidiary of the holding Metalpar Chile SA and Marcopolo SA (Brazil) conglomerate world's leading manufacturer of vehicles for public passenger transport in both urban and long distance. We are official dealers of Mercedes Benz Argentina SA and we are entitled, at the national level, for the sale of buses of the mark.

Brief Summary of Metalpar Argentina SA

In 1997, Argentina inaugurated the branch located in Loma Hermosa, which occupied a total area of 35,000 square meters., And had in those years as now the most modern technology available in the country for the manufacture of buses to transport urban and middle distance. Had installed capacity of 8 units per day.

Today, after 13 years, Metalpar Argentina SA in its continued growth and reinvestment process has expanded its physical and human infrastructure, from the 35 thousand square meters in its infancy, over 50 thousand square today, which added to all the know how of the new partners during the past three years has made it possible to double the installed capacity, which would allow us to make 16 units per day.

Today we are the undisputed leaders of the market where there is no doubt today over 700 people who make Metalpar Argentina SA, are the cornerstones of this tremendous success.

Finally we can say that since the facilities in Buenos Aires, Argentina Metalpar is ready to provide excellent quality products to the domestic market and export the same to the Mercosur and other countries in the Americas, a task now in full swing.